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Families are adjusting to a new normal at the moment with many kids and adults spending more time at home, and electric bills coming soon are likely to reflect that.

Mothers used to having the house all to themselves, now have all their young children, high school and college students, and husbands home during the day all studying or working remotely due to social distancing.

Retired couples are spending more time at home than usual and they are depending on more visits from adult children living nearby for support.

The COVID-19 crisis and “stay at home” orders are now creating quite the full house in most households.

Power is constantly being used at the home, there’s a little more noise between the walls and family members are regularly coming and going in and out of their rooms while they tackle their school or work tasks on computers.

There’s often at least one TV on in the house and there are lights on in every room. The dishwasher may be running a couple times a day, and when we get done cooking one meal, kids come around one after another and it’s time to start making the next snack or meal.

The funny thing is that many of us don’t like the thought of change. We are creatures of habit, but we are having to be more understanding and creative now.

But with so many people spending more time at home, electrical bills will likely rise. There are a lot of people living on the margin and an increase will be a big deal for them.

Electric companies are proactive in trying to assist customers who may be affected by lost or lower wages and added power usage.

SDGE set up a policy of no disconnection of service and the waiver of late fees and also suspended disconnections for nonpayment, and is agreeing to payment plans until the State of Emergency is lifted.

They anticipate customers’ bills being larger than normal with people having to work from home while also having their children at the house. It is likely increases would be apparent by the end of April.

Ways to Reduce Your Bill

There are a lot of folks working remotely and you have more people around the house watching TV, playing video games, working on computers, running appliances and cooking more meals at home. So be diligent, If you’re not using something, unplug your device.

Plan on doing larger loads in your dishwasher, washing machine and dryer and use cold water or “ECO” modes to save energy.

The BEST way to reduce your electric bill is to go solar! You could reduce your bill by over 50%!

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