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Not a salesman. I represent YOU.

You’ve gotten those annoying knocks at the door. The texts, the calls, the endless marketing emails from desperate solar companies. What if there’s a better way to find out if solar makes sense for you?

There is! As your personal solar expert, I bring industry insider knowledge and years of project management expertise to the table so that you can make a fully informed solar decision.

The best part? Solar installers discount their bids when you use my services. So you actually pay LESS with me versus going direct. On average, $2000-7000 less. This is one time you don’t want to cut out the middle man!

Absolute Best Price

I get bids from 3-5 quality solar installers so that you always end up with the best price. On average, people save $2000-7000.

Unbiased Advice

Instead 4 or 5 companies trying to push you to buy their product, you will receive unbiased advice from an expert who will be paid the same no matter which company you choose.

I handle everything

I do all the hard work for you, project managing your system from the first call to the install. I find the bids, check the installer for quality, and work with SDGE to get you up and running.


All the Options

It’s important to have all the solar equipment and financing options available so you can get what’s best for your unique usage!

About Michael Faelin

With an investment, property improvement and energy efficiency construction background, I enjoy being an advocate for homeowners and business owners in making a choice to gain back control of their electricity costs and save substantial sums of money.  Helping owners save money that they can redirect to retirement, family or business growth initiatives makes each project highly rewarding.

I have always believed that choosing from multiple vendors and comparing prices secures the best price with the highest quality of products and service.

In an industry where there is so much information to understand and a barrage of sometimes unsavory sales reps pressuring you to buy their products on the first meeting, it is a pleasure to give customers the time they need to consider all their options and make the best informed choice for an investment that produces excellent returns.

Independent Energy Expert Explains Best Way to Go Solar

How it Works

1. Meet with Michael to address your specific solar needs

2. Choose the best option from 3-5 curated solar bids

3. Sit back and relax knowing I’m expertly managing every part of the install process

You’ll get a side-by-side bid comparison like this one!

(Illustration does not reflect actual prices; for sample purposes only)

Get 3-5 Quality Solar Bids In Under 24 Hours

From Our Clients

Please do yourself a favor and at bare minimum meet with Michael Faelin… tell him what you envision and you will get a great understanding of solar options and pricing. … for $0 that I paid to Michael, I clearly got my money’s worth.

Bryan F.

Had such a great experience and Michael was great!!  From first appt we had solar up and running within a month!  Highly recommend!  Everything went so smooth and was easy.

Keri S.

Everything went smoothly from the approval process through installation. Michael did a great job following through the whole process. I couldn’t be more happy with the system.

Roland M.

John saved $8000.

John is the kind of person that wants to do something about his high electric bills without paying more than he needs to for solar. 

After finding multiple bids between $25,000 and $27,000, he felt discouraged. But then he met Michael, who brought him several quality bids that came in under $20,000.

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